A Tribute to Das

Dear Das,

A part of me died last night whilst talking to you on the phone. Hearing your voice echoes memories of the man I know, the man I knew, the man I will never forget. You are an inspiration to all who have ever been lucky enough to grace your presence. Not enough can be said about my grandpa—I could go on for years just talking about your gifts I sit in awe of the way your charisma and integrity have paved the world as I know it. I cannot believe this is the end of your life, similar to the end of this notebook I’m writing in it is not. No one as special as you can ever die. You will always live with me, inside of me, and all around me. I just hope I can be as half a good a son, father and grandfather you have been to my family and myself.

To the humblest man I have ever known, I raise a glass of scotch in your honor. And never again will I be able to have a toast without thinking of the most gracious host and dearest man I have ever known.

I will Love You Forever,

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