My Dearest Granny

It is nearly immpossible to recite in so few words the thoughts of my Granny, the family matriarch.. Gran had the heart of an angel, the conviction.of a general and the fortitude of a lion. I have never met a more fair, dignified, honest and loving women in my life. My dearest Granny.

I belive the greatest sign of the exemplary life she kept can be seen in the product of her existence: the greatest family a women can leave in her wake. I don't need to look far for the magnitude of her legacy, as I look to the person who has had the greatest impact on my life-my dear Mom, Louise.

I know you are in a blissful place, and your stamp on this world will live on in the eyes, hearts and souls of your family, a family that shouldn't grieve but rejoice in the life you led and the impact you had on all of us.

My heart rests easier knowing you are now united with the greatest man in your life. May you and Fritchoff sail peacefully on to the island of dreams.

Forever you will live on in all of us until we join you and Grandpa in that most special of places you so much deserve. My dearest Granny.

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